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Our biggest mission is to elevate the collective consciousness by showing people that they hold the power within themselves to create whatever they want in their life.

We work with people that have gone to all kinds of self-development workshops and conferences, those that haven’t been able to release old trauma through mainstream therapy, people with dis-eases that doctors don’t have an answer for, and ones that have been on an endless path of self discovery.

The Freedom Project takes you to a whole other level…from being a victim to everything in your life to the empowered creator of your life.

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Scott Sunderland
Simon Harris

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Amy Schmidt_photo

"I’ve been to several Dr. Joe Dispenza workshops and I know the work. I was experiencing high anxiety and crippling chest pain. I considered the Beyond Limits Course but was apprehensive because of the financial commitment. The Freedom Project offered me a full refund if I didn’t get anything out of the course the first week. I took a leap of faith and paid for the course. After my first Freedom Activation & Breathwork session I was blown away how helpful and freeing the experience was. The cost of the course was worth the first week’s experience! I was all in and ready to dive in deeper. The course helped me identify my old painful programs and to move out the painful energy that was stuck in my body. My chest pains and anxiety are gone! The relationships in my life are much better and I’m creating the experiences I thoroughly enjoy. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to break into the life they want to enjoy! Thank you Scott, Em, and Simon for this course and your loving support!!!"

Amy Schmidt
Stephane Jaeger-Rouse_photo

"Beyond Limits is a must! Go for it guys! Your life will never be the same again... there will be time of heartache and soul searching, friends will fall out of your life, and at times you will think you feel worse than before you started. Kid yourself not! This is because you are letting go of old patterns which don’t serve you any longer, and shedding your skin before the new... and better one, can grow! And it is soooo worthwhile! 🌟🌟🌟"

Stephane Jaeger-Rouse
Susan Steinman_photo

"I have been on a path of change. I was introduced to Dr. Joe’s work a year ago and have been deep diving into those principles. The Freedom Project has helped me apply those principles and incorporate the wonderful work and teachings of others. The Freedom Project has given me the tools and support to help me create the life I really want. The support from Em, Scott and Simon begin Day One. They are there to answer questions, provide perspective, prod and encourage a deeper look into behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that may no longer serve. Their support and guidance is truly amazing. The community that is formed is powerful. It’s safe to be vulnerable. We share experiences, the good moments and the not so good moments. It’s honest, sometimes raw and uncomfortable, but it needs to be! Feeling uncomfortable is good, because it allows old stuff to go away, and new stuff, the stuff one might really want, to be created!"

Susan Steinman
Christine Anne_photo

I learned a technique that worked fast and effectively to change my state and shake off negativity to restart the day. I found breathwork was very beneficial for digestion. Em made it easy to understand how to properly implement breathwork into daily life and clearly explained all the great health benefits. I strongly recommend her course!

Christine Anne

"My experience with the The Beyond Limits course has been extremely profound. I have been touched by the generosity, love and encouragement that Em, Scott and Simon bring to their work. Each of these caring, attentive, relatable teachers compliments one another and brings so much to the course. My personal and current issue revolved around a cancer diagnosis, dealing with new physical pain, and maneuvering through all that this brings up in terms of fear, longing, grief etc. Em, Scott and Simon were able to really hold space and witness me in whatever came up. I never felt any discomfort from them with regards to the “big life” questions that I was working with, and what it means to be a whole person living with joy no matter what the circumstance. They do not shy away from any topic, and brilliantly normalize the whole of the human experience! All three of these individuals will compassionately, humorously and, at times irreverently, hold you to the task of what you signed up for. They will lovingly push you to grow, challenge your long-term beliefs and encourage who you were meant to be to shine through! In their leadership they also help their participants to form a truly supportive group. Not only do you gain three excellent teachers, but a supportive community. Thank you, Beyond Limits-I am grateful and inspired by you!"

Nancy Campbell
Debra Schechterle_photo

"Em is a wonderful teacher, very thorough information, I learned so much about the importance of breathwork and I now look forward to doing it! My biggest takeaway is that the power I have over my body is limitless and that is exciting to experience! Thank you Em!! I keep sharing this because her breathwork classes are fabulous and literally life and body changing in all the best ways! I loved it and practice every single day."

Debra Schechterle
Ilka de Gast_photo

“Em Hollis has a great 4-week breathwork course that was very powerful for me. She incorporates several different breathing techniques with good explanations of how it works, experiential practice and wonderful support.”

Ilka de Gast
Lisa Winneke_photo

“It is with so, so much gratitude that I share my experience having recently completed an intensive breathwork program with Em Hollis. For the past couple of years, I have had major resistance (fear and judgement) around doing breath work. But this has all remarkably (or not!) changed. The combination of Em’s passion and wisdom in what she teaches along with her infectious energy led to a transformational experience."

Lisa Winneke
Vicki Rawlins

“Breathwork mini-series is one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken!!! Short, intense and completely info packed!! Em is incredible, and won’t stop until she knows you truly understand everything you need to be successful!! I love that I can do a breathwork session in place of a meditation and feel like I’ve gone just a deep. It’s another tool to truly learn more about yourself. I’ve never found anything better than breath work to get to sleep at night! I think everyone including children need to learn this!”

Vicki Rawlins
Lola photo

“I used to blame myself for the results I was having in my life, always thinking I did not know how to make the best decisions for me. The Freedom Activation tools enabled me to understand that it’s all about behavior patterns, beliefs and perceptions that I inherited or took on as mine at a very young age, and I just kept repeating them throughout my life. Cutting these energetic connections has allowed me to make wiser choices in my life from a place of freedom and authenticity.”

Lola Dulanto Guineas
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