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“If you only knew the life you get to have, you would be running out that door.”

Those are the words that changed Em’s life forever. After a very dysfunctional 10 year marriage, a heavy pain pill addiction, and years of limiting beliefs about herself, she was ready to let go of the old to create the new. It wouldn’t only be for herself, but all the women she would help along the way that were stuck in abusive or dysfunctional relationships, struggled with addiction, or were ready to take their life and power back. After returning home from an advanced meditation retreat and experiencing a profound awakening, she walked out the door that day and never looked back. In a very short amount of time she was able to free herself of a 10 year opiate addiction without traditional rehab, met the love of her life, created a business helping others forge their own spiritual journey, and more importantly, living the life she always knew she was meant to.

Em Hollis, blogger and soon to be author, is very passionate about sharing her story to show both women and men that it is possible to let go of their own limiting beliefs and live a life they never thought possible and how breathwork can help them do that. Through telling her story and sharing her tools and techniques, she shows people how to live a life beyond the self imposed limits we all create in our lives and how to get in touch with their true self. She is now a HeartMath certified Add Heart Facilitator, Certified in Neuroscience for personal development online through Udemy, SOMA breath instructor, and an advanced student of Dr.Joe Dispenza. After having her own deeply impactful experiences with breath work, she now guides others as a breathwork coach, creating her own unique breathwork style and meditations, along with leading SOMA breathwork ceremonies. She is passionate about teaching people how very important breathwork’s role is in truly impacting you physically, mentally, and emotionally and how changing your breath can change your life.”

In 2001, Scott Sunderland found himself lying in a hospital bed, unable to move any part of his body. In just three days, he went from a very capable, athletic man to living in a completely paralyzed, lifeless body, with a mind full of fear. All his life, he believed he was greater than just his body. He used that power throughout the next year, to teach himself how to literally walk out of that room, out of his fearful mind, and walk into a new life. But Slowly, his old thoughts and fears began to creep back in and take over him over yet again.

On July 27th, 2012, Scott’s world came crashing down once again, while walking on a beach with his best friend and three children. The sand collapsed under their feet, throwing them into a current, fighting for their lives. Scott made it to shore, only to watch his best friend Brad take his last breath before a small wave washed over him and he was gone. It was that experience that left Scott completely broken and searching. For the next five years, he yearned for Brad’s forgiveness, only to come to realize that it was his own that he was searching for. Scott vowed he would tell all that would – or would not – listen to Brad’s story, in order to save others. He made a promise to live an inspired life for both of them.

Since that day he has completely change his life. He left a life that wasn’t serving him, that kept him small and stepped into the power that he realized he always was. The name of that power, his future self, is Ugly, the agent of change.

Today, Scott has kept his promise and tells these stories as triumphs. Teaching others that all their limitations, their failures, their sicknesses, their losses, their addictions are just there to show them the door to their own greatness. Scott strives to inspire, motivate, and empower people, just like he did himself. Instead of looking at themselves as victims, they realize they are the victor just waiting to be uncovered.


“What’s the meaning of life? Why are we put here?
It is love, pure and simply love.”

These were the words Simon read at his wife Gabrielle’s service following her passing after her four-year journey with cancer. They had both chosen these words a week before her passing to express their new way of thinking and feeling about life.

Simon is a very successful financial futures trader in London.

He founded his own trading firm. He was a semi-professional race car driver and won a UK championship. He lived life very fast, addicted to adrenaline which made him feel alive and happy.

During a hypnotherapy session in his 30’s Simon uncovered forgotten traumatic childhood events he had suppressed from his memory. When asked to go back to when he was last happy Simon found himself on a beach in France, age 8.

Simon’s perspective on life had another major shift when Gabs was diagnosed. He searched for answers and cures to support Gabs and their two children. Gabs was very clear she wanted to live a happy life, not just survive. It was during this searching he found Per Schiottz, the developer of what is now Freedom Activation. The profound power and simplistic nature of this process attracted Simon with his “less is more” view of things. Simon found the work of Sydney Banks and the Three Principles which then lead to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Simon and Gabs went to one of Dr. Joe’s week-long meditation retreats in Cancun and there they both witnessed and had extraordinary mind and body experiences. It was here they both met Scott and Em and their deep friendship was formed. “We all love to be playful and happy!”

Simon’s world shifted forever after a very powerful meditation during which an unknown energy force took over his body. Gabs also experienced a dramatic short-term healing and they both knew Simon must follow this path for his sake and their children’s sake.

Simon has now become one of a select few qualified to guide and teach Freedom Activation. He continues to develop this powerful tool. He uses Freedom Activation to great effect inside the Freedom Project with amazing results! He is studying Havening, HeartMath, Wim Hof, and SOMA, and is looking to become a free diving instructor, alongside his hobbies of sailing, skiing, tennis, walking, and still driving very fast cars on racing circuits round the world.

His passion is gaining knowledge and experiences to continually become more than he thought he was. He is passionate to share his experiences and wisdom to help others realize they are far more powerful than they think they are.

“Seeing the changes on people’s faces when they release the burdens, they have been carrying for so long and seeing the relief and happiness and smiles appear is so uplifting every morning. We all heal together.”

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