Cleaning Out Your Inner House

So a week before Scott and I were leaving the house we had been renting in Florida I thought, there’s not much to pack up or clean out…. it should only take me a day or two! But as I started pulling things out of cupboards, dressers, and drawers, I couldn’t believe how much we had in the house and had accumulated in the short 4 months we were there.

I clearly remember looking at the kitchen 2 days before we had to be out with stuff piled on every last space of counter, garage an absolute disaster and not knowing how we were going to do it all. I literally stopped and just looked and told myself to remember that moment. As it’s the best analogy for when we first start down this path of transformation, unraveling the old and creating the new.

There’s always more to unpack then we think. So much tucked away in nooks and crannys that we can’t see as we operate with our every day eyes. Until we start opening them up and pulling stuff out. In the midst of pulling it all out and really opening it all up, it can feel so overwhelming that you don’t know how you are going to do it. You want to throw your hands up and just walk away. The intensity builds and builds and suddenly you are running from room to room but feeling like you are going no where.

But you know what I said to myself after staring at the disaster for a few moments? It’s just going to take one piece at a time. One cupboard at a time. One nook and one cranny at at time. I can’t tackle it all at once. I can’t focus on all the parts that need cleaned up. I have to do item, by item, by item, room by room, and box by box, keeping my attention only on the part I’m working on in that moment.

After 2 days of keeping this focus, not allowing myself to go to overwhelm, and taking it step by step, I stared at that same kitchen, all packed up and us ready for the next adventure of life.

I stared and thought to myself, this is the journey. Unpacking more than you think, taking one step at a time, feeling the joy of letting go, being in flow, feeling all the feelings, and then always getting ready for the next adventure!

If this is you right now, if you are in the midst of opening ALL the cupboard doors and dressers and drawers, just know that you can do it. Even when it feels overwhelming, you can do it.

One step at a time, one piece at a time, one messy kitchen at a time💗💗💗💗💗

Oh and P.S. btw….you don’t have to do it alone! That’s why I created The Freedom Project….so you don’t have to. Message me, email me, text me! And lets clean out your inner house together💗💗💗

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