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One on One Coaching w/ Scott

Are you looking to create action, accountability, and lasting change in your life? These individual coaching sessions with Scott will empower you to take the steps required to start living a life by design instead of by default. You will have a collaboration of ideas, tools, and techniques to begin applying after your first call. Scott coaches with passion and purpose based on proven techniques and what he has been able to accomplish in his own personal journey.

Breathwork 101 Mini Series

Did you know that by changing your breath, it is possible to not just change your health, but change your life? In this mini series, you will gain the basic tools to do just that! You will be amazed at how much better you feel in all areas of your life after consistently practicing the breathwork techniques you will learn in this online course. You will gain the knowledge and therefore the power over your mind and body.

This class will give you the basic foundation to build upon. You will learn three specific breathwork techniques to immediately start applying. Each technique will offer a different outcome based upon your intention.

Some of the areas you will notice an immediate result in include:

-Sleeping better (reduce your insomnia right away!)

-Reduced anxiety

-More energy

-Lower your blood pressure

-Less of a heightened fear response

-Quiet your monkey mind for deeper meditations