Beyond Limits

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Beyond Limits is a transformational opportunity of a lifetime. You will be guided by the expertise of 3 successful creators with their unique, heart-based, and scientific, and understanding of the human experience. This course will help you create the person you have always dreamed of being as you shed past thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. It doesn’t matter what you are facing in life, the principals we teach are tested, tried, and true in any given situation.

In this 18 module online course you will build a new understanding of the power of your mind, how your perceptions effect your reality, identify and release stored trauma, experience the many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of breathwork, and begin cultivating a version of yourself you truly love. You will also have access to our Beyond Limits community. There you will meet incredibly brave, inspiring and supportive people that have entirely new life experiences from being committed to this process. If you have always known there is more to your life, you are looking for true inner peace and happiness, and you are ready to step into an untamable power inside yourself, then you are in exactly the right place.

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to break subconscious patterns
  • How to use your mind to create the life experiences you desire.
  • How to identify and release old programs that keep you from living your fullest life.
  • How to design and work towards becoming the version of yourself you were born to be.
  • The incredible power and health benefits of breathwork.
  • How to liberate yourself from low frequency emotions and elevate your energy, therefore creating an entirely new course for your life.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons02h 20m

The Power of the Mind

Staying on the Sales Tightrope03:20
‘Prescribing’ not Selling02:20
What You Will Learn?02:50

Freedom Activation

Transformational Breathwork

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • 18 pre-recorded modules.
  • 6 Breathwork meditations, exclusive to The Freedom Project.
  • Weekly workbooks to assist in applying & understanding the material.
  • Access to the powerful Beyond Limits Community.
  • Links to our favorite videos, books & content outside of the course that will further help in creating your new reality.


  • A commitment to change.
  • A willingness to be vulnerable.
  • The ability to take responsibility.
  • A desire to live life based on limitless possibilities instead of fear.

Target Audience

  • People searching for a life change.
  • Spiritual seekers.
  • People looking to create a healthier life, new prosperity, finding their soulmate, or creating a new career.
  • People searching to discover their purpose, true self, and true power.
  • People looking to break habits that are NOT creating the results they desire.
  • Those interested in the power of your mind, energy, and frequency.
  • Those interested in quantum physics and cutting edge science of how the brain works.
  • Those dealing with grief, loss, mental and emotional pain, divorce, lack of direction.
  • Those wanting to add passion back into their life, relationships, work, etc.
  • Those who know there is more than what we are traditionally taught.
  • Those seeking purpose.