“Freedom Activation” Mini Series

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  • Last Update August 30, 2020


Freedom Activation is a simplistic yet powerful, profound tool that brings awareness to unconscious reactions and limiting beliefs that you have attached to people, environments, and events.  This awareness allows you to choose to release those emotional connections which frees up your energy and life force to create the joy and happiness you desire in your life.


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What Will I Learn?

  • How to identify emotional connections that are holding you back.
  • How to become aware of these connections in every day interactions.
  • The interactions that trigger these emotional connections.
  • How to release these negative connections and free up your energy to create your happiness.
  • How to take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • How to change your perceptions to create freedom in your life.

Topics for this course

Understanding the Process

Creating a Freedom Activation Statement on another person

Creating a Self-Statement


Material Includes

  • Lifetime access to the modules
  • Worksheets to help identify the exact emotions that are holding you back and who you may connect those emotions to
  • Templates for both a Freedom Activation statement on someone else as well as a self statement


  • The willingness to take responsibility for your life
  • To be open and vulnerable
  • The dedication to positive personal change

Target Audience

  • People that want to break behaviors that aren’t working for them
  • People that want to create a better life
  • People that want to break the pain pattern from childhood trauma
  • People that want freedom