One on One Coaching w/ Scott

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  • Duration 02h 20m
  • Last Update March 13, 2021


Are you looking to create action, accountability, and lasting change in your life? These individual coaching sessions with Scott will empower you to take the steps required to start living a life by design instead of by default. You will have a collaboration of ideas, tools, and techniques to begin applying after your first call. Scott coaches with passion and purpose based on proven techniques and what he has been able to accomplish in his own personal journey.

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to discover your subconscious blocks
  • Why you keep creating the same kind of events in your life
  • A no-bullshit approach :relaxed:
  • How to lose the old unconscious habits and create new, Healthy ones
  • Creating a loving relationship with yourself
  • Taking your energy and therefore power back in your life

Topics for this course

1 Lessons02h 20m

Topics of Course?

The coaching calls will be individually designed depending on what the individual is seeking to create
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Level Of Course?

Anywhere from beginner to advanced Between the two of us, we have expertise in many areas and can help individuals that are new to the concept of thoughts become things all the way to individuals that have been studying spirituality and self development for a large portion of their life.


  • Just a willingness to learn and apply

Target Audience

  • Those interested in making some kind of a change in their life
  • Anyone wanting to manifest something specifically
  • Those seeking to find more out of life
  • Beginners to the thoughts become things concepts
  • Advanced students of spirituality