Feel the fear…and do it anyway

I remember clearly the moment I was starting to experience something massive move through my body in a walking mediation and was terrified and didn’t want to let go, or let it in. But I did it anyways. I let go.

And a moment later had the single biggest life changing moment of my life.

I remember clearly the moment I was about to walk out of the door of my house, of my marriage, of my life and was absolutely terrified. But I did it anyways.

And 3 weeks later, the person I was always supposed to be with in this life, my person, finally walked in.

I remember clearly the moment when my son said he wanted to live with his dad and not move clear across the country with me. And I was absolutely terrified…and devastated. But I said ok anyway.

And 3 years later my son and I have the most amazing relationship and he is helping other people understand the work that I teach.

I remember clearly the moment I hit the “post” button on my very first blog post, baring my soul and sharing my story for the world to read….including all those I believed that would judge me in doing so. But I hit post anyway.

And 3 years later I proudly share those blog posts for the world to read and now have people write me telling me how much those stories helped them change their life.

I remember clearly the moment I was about to have my first Supernatural Tour interview via zoom with a beautiful couple and I was scared shitless. But I hit start meeting anyway.

And now, 2 and a half years later, we are about to launch our very own Freedom Project TV doing hundreds of interviews with people who have changed their lives through doing our course and stories of inspiration.

I remember so very clearly the moment we were about to “launch” the Freedom Project to the world, not having any idea what we were really doing or where it would go or if we were ready and I was terrified. But we hit post anyway.

And now 2 years later, we have had over 100 students go through our course, we have grown and developed and gotten REALLY good at walking people through massive change. But more importantly, I get to watch first hand the bravery of people pushing those very same edges all while being completely terrified. And changing their lives while doing so.

I remember all of those moments so clearly, I can close my eyes and be there. And I remember those feelings of hesitation, terror, fear, and excitement. I also very clearly remember the feelings on the other side of “doing it anyway”. Some came right away, some came a little later. But they were always all the same. Expansion, joy, love, laughter, freedom, strength, clarity, confidence, and true lasting happiness.

My story can be yours. I’m no different than you except for I feel those feelings and I “do it anyway”.
That edge is what is standing in your way right now of everything you dream of having and dream of being.

That edge is what gets you to believe your own limiting thoughts and reasons why you can’t.
But I’m telling you, YOU CAN. In fact you must. Feel those feelings, hear those thoughts….

And do it anyway……

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