Following Your Heart At All Costs…

I share this photo of my home-made Mother’s Day card not to brag or show how amazing my daughter is (even though she really is!😍) but to show what is possible when you listen to your heart.

It’s been almost 4 years since I left my previous life, including my two kids, and moved across the country.
A decision, at the time, absolutely no one in this world understood or agreed with. Including them. I mean, what kind of a mother leaves her two children and moves across the country with a man she just met? And how could I explain something that I didn’t quite understand at the time, and yet had an absolute knowing it was what I had to do.
Easy to look at from the outside and not be able to fathom how a mom could move that far away from her kids, leaving an entire life behind.

And as I sit here writing this, the day after Mother’s Day, after just coming back from spending the weekend with them where my old life was, my heart could not be more full. I could not be more grateful for every single step that was taken along the way.

When I shout to the world and to the people that go through our Beyond Limits Course, to follow your heart, to go after your dreams and visions, to make hard decisions, no matter what ANYONE around you thinks, I don’t say that to sound good. I say it because I fucking did it.

While making that decision to change my life was one of the hardest things to do, it was also one of the easiest. Even though all the voices on the outside and all the voices I had heard growing up said I was making a huge mistake and was going to ruin my kids, I had a deeper inner knowing that it is what I HAD to do. Not just for me, but for them. To actually show my kids what following your heart looked like, even if it was the hardest path to follow.

It took many steps to get here, to this letter, and to this place with them 4 years later. Lots of tears, lots of moments of wanting to give up, lots of uncomfortable conversations. But nonetheless we are here. My relationship with my kids is not just the best it has ever been, THEY are the best they have ever been. I am able to see them, not through the lens of them being MY kids, but through the lens of the amazing people and souls they are.

They get to see what strength and courage actually look like…..not just sounds like. They got to see first hand how hard it can be to follow your heart….and how beautiful it is on the other side of it. They got to see someone having a bigger vision for their life and then actually following through with it.

And most importantly, they now get to understand why. They see not just the person I am now, but the hundreds of people I have and will continue to help change their own lives. I am the living, breathing example of what is possible in your life when you listen, against all odds, against everyone you have ever known and loved, and just take the step.

It starts with just one step. LISTEN to that voice. It is always talking to you….you just have to get quiet enough to listen.

And then when you can finally start to hear it, you MUST leap. You must jump, even when you are terrified, even when you don’t know what’s on the other side.

Because I am proof. My kids are proof. What’s waiting on the other side of that leap of faith, is only always ever…..just love.

Your life is waiting for you. Right on the other side of all that that fear or indecision. The question is, are you finally ready for it?

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