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One on One Coaching w/ Scott




Are you looking to create action, accountability, and lasting change in your life? These individual coaching sessions with Scott will empower you to take the steps required to start living a life by design instead of by default. You will have a collaboration of ideas, tools, and techniques to begin applying after your first call. Scott coaches with passion and purpose based on proven techniques and what he has been able to accomplish in his own personal journey.

About the Instructor:

Scott: In 2001, Scott Sunderland found himself lying in a hospital bed, unable to move any part of his body. In just three days, he went from a very capable, athletic man to living in a lifeless body, completely paralyzed, with a mind full of fear due to an extremely rare autoimmune diagnosis. All his life, he believed he was so much more than just his body and he used that power of his mind throughout the next year, to teach himself how to walk out of that room, out of his fearful mind, and into a new life. But slowly, his old thoughts and fears began to creep back in and take over his mind, without him even realizing it. Then on July 27th, 2012, Scott’s world came crashing down once again, while walking on a beach with his best friend and three children. Scott eventually made it safely to shore, only to watch his best friend Brad take his last breath before a small wave washed over him and he was gone. It was that experience that left Scott broken. For the next five years, he yearned for Brad’s forgiveness, only to come to realize that it was his own that he was searching for. Scott vowed he would tell all that would – or would not – listen to Brad’s story, in order to help save others. He would life a life of purpose and passion as the promise he made to Brad that fateful day. Today, Scott tells these stories as triumphs, teaching others that all their limitations, their failures, their sicknesses, their losses, their addictions are just there to show them the door to their own greatness. Scott strives to empower people, so that instead of looking at themselves as victims, they uncover their own potential and see just how powerful they really are.

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