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1:1 Freedom Activation Coaching


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Freedom Activation is a simplistic yet profoundly powerful, technique that identifies negative feelings, emotions and traumas in your life that are holding you back from your fullest potential and inner happiness. Freedom Activation identifies the people, their behaviors and characteristics, and events that are associated with the negative feelings you experience on a day to day basis. You are walked through a process with Simon that energetically cuts your emotional connection to these things to free up your own personal energy and life force, so that you are able to create the joy and happiness you want in your life. With this one on one coaching, you will be personally supported and guided by Simon or Amy who have helped many people free themselves emotionally through this process.

What will I learn?:

  • How to identify emotional connections that are holding you back
  • How to become aware of these connections in every day interactions
  • The interactions that trigger these emotional connections
  • How to release these negative connections and free up your energy to create your happiness
  • How to take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • How to change your perceptions to create freedom in your life

Materials Included:

  • Personal coaching and guiding through of the Freedom Activation process
  • Access to the recorded session
  • Template for a Freedom Activation statement on someone else


  • The willingness to take responsibility for your life
  • To be open and vulnerable
  • The dedication to positive personal change

Target audience:

  • People that want to break behaviors that aren’t working for them
  • People that want to create a better life
  • People that want to break the pain pattern from childhood trauma
  • People that want freedom
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