Supernatural Tour: Part One

One of my teachers once said, everything you do in life, whether it be parenting, running a business, or just running your day, it all comes down to love and logistics. Our Supernatural Retreat was no different. It all came down to love and logistics.

Which brings me to part one. I’m going to start with logistics. While going into the tour, I knew the dates we would leave, the dates we needed to be at the finish line, and a few of the definite stops along the way and the people that may be at those stops, the rest was left to the unknown.

In fact, there were many unknowns jumping into this thing. I really couldn’t even tell you why I was doing it in the first place. Except for that I wanted to show my kids. I wanted them to see extraordinary people living extraordinary lives. People who may not live a “conventional” life, but that living that life is exactly what has brought them true freedom and joy. I knew I wanted to share stories of people’s healings with the world. But beyond that, it was just something that came to me in a meditation one day that I just couldn’t seem to shake. It was something my soul was calling me to do for some reason unknown to me. But I have learned enough now to know that when the soul calls, the body must follow.

So we officially started the tour off in Austin, Texas, staying with a woman we had never met for the weekend. We flew from the Philadelphia airport to Austin on October 19th. I had planned on us staying in an Airbnb near the airport that night as I knew it would be a little late coming in and if this woman had 50 cats, at least we would only have to endure it for one night!

Well she used her southern charm on us and apparently that is a very real thing. We decided to skip the Airbnb and take a lyft directly to her house in Kyle, TX. Well there weren’t 50 cats and in fact, despite our fears trying to work themselves in, her house was a little piece of heaven….as was she.

Saturday, we had a gathering of about 22 people. People came from hours away to join in on being a part of the tour. Originally, I had reached out to friends I have met through the work of Dr.Joe Dispenza. There is a big Facebook community online that people go to from all over the world that are practicing Joe’s meditations and teachings. That was a majority of who I was reaching out to, to try and connect with on our tour and get interviews from. I relied heavily on locals for reaching out to people in their area that would be interested in joining us for a day to meditate, interview, and just join in on the love and laughter.

Austin did not disappoint. There was only one person there (my friend that put the whole gathering together!) that we actually knew and the rest we had either met briefly online or hadn’t met at all. We meditated together, ate tons of amazing food, did some coherence healing meditations, and plenty of interviews. By the end of the day, as it always goes, we felt like one big happy family.

The next day we flew into Las Vegas to pick up our RV on Monday morning. Our little home that would be ours for the following 10 days. It was completely self-sufficient with a comfy bed, bathroom, shower, and fully operable kitchen. We were able to meet up with a very good friend of ours before heading off into the sunset.

From Las Vegas we drove to Sedona, AZ. We really only had one intention in mind for going to Sedona. We had both been there before, so it wasn’t the scenery. It was one particular person. A person we met one year before almost to the date! More on that in part two.

We stayed 2 days in Sedona, rode around some trails on a rented side by side, watched beautiful sunsets, and of course visited the famous church on the rocks.

From Sedona we moved on to Phoenix, Arizona where we met up with some amazing people. We gathered for a walking meditation on the morning of October 25th, followed by breakfast. We had some great convos throughout the day and gathered for a feast that night.

We hit the road early the next morning for San Diego, driving pretty much all day. It was a gorgeous drive and we were greeted by an amazing friend late that night. As it seemed to be the theme, we parked in her driveway that night and were so excited just to be able to plug in our RV….and have Wi-Fi!

San Diego turned out to be much quieter as I didn’t have much planned for our stop there. We were able to meet up with one Dr.Joe student who had made some tremendous changes in her life since we first met her in Santé Fe in February. She preferred to keep her story to just us for now, but stay tuned 🙂

We also had the pleasure of meeting up with another friend we hadn’t seen in a year and her adorable doggies. It was definitely one of our most favorite stops. As soon as you walked into her house, you could feel such warm and happy energy. It took over your whole body and you didn’t want it to end. Even the smell of her house was amazing. Her private little outside oasis with the San Diego sun and warmth was heavenly. One hour there was nowhere near enough time!

We decided the smartest move would be to avoid Sunday morning traffic in LA and drive that night. We left San Diego after a great dinner with the friend we were staying with and headed straight for Ojai, California.

We arrived in Ojai in the wee hours of the night, sleeping with our heads pointed straight downhill. Little did we know our friend’s house who we were parking at that night was on a fairly steep incline. Well at least it felt steep after all the blood had rushed to my head by morning:-)

We spent 3 amazing hours at our very dear friends house. To say her house is beautiful is an understatement. It reminded me of a very old Spanish hacienda mission style, but something the deeply spiritual would build. As soon as we walked into her house, both our bodies were buzzing. Literally. The energy was beyond this world and every nook and cranny felt like it held a secret. In knowing her, I knew she would probably have a pretty awesome house, but it was 100 times that. I completed an interview with her, and, yet again, it was hard to say goodbye. But our longest haul of the trip was inching close.

After leaving Ojai we were in for the longest stretch of driving. Ojai to San Francisco, driving up the old Pacific Hwy (hwy 1) the whole time. If you have never drove up that highway, I would most definitely add it to your bucket list. The views were something I have never seen before. The colors of the sunsets were so vivid and breathtaking. Literally it took my breath away. You can’t not believe in something beyond us when seeing sights like that. It truly is a spiritual experience.

We made it to the Nepenthe restaurant right outside of Big Sur late that evening and decided the parking lot would suffice for parking the RV to sleep that night.

We were to meet a group in Sonoma at the Benziger Family Winery at 2 pm that afternoon so another early morning rise and long day drive for us. From Big Sur to San Francisco it was again, spectacular views.

I have never been to wine country before, but it was BEAUTIFUL. The particular winery we met our group at is a biodynamic winery, which if you don’t know what that is, I definitely recommend you look it up. Pretty cutting-edge stuff and so inspirational!

We had a group of about 15 people to do the wine tour with and a short meditation before the tour. I only completed one interview while at the winery, but it was amazing. As was the theme, there was only one person there I had previously met and was friends with and the rest met for the first time.

We had dinner after our wine tour in Sonoma and shared some amazing stories and laughter. It was the perfect group with the most perfect people!

We parked that night in the driveway of the lady and her husband’s house that put the gathering together. And I am so happy to say now that they are both soul friends. After dinner the great conversation extended to their house and then again in the morning before leaving. As the theme became very common, it was hard to leave that morning.

It was supposed to be a short jaunt over to Sacramento to stay the night there but as it goes, traffic, side of the road naps, and finding a gas station that takes American express (in other words, the unknown!) seemed to throw some wrenches in that plan.

We arrived at my very very dear friend’s house in Woodland Park around 5 pm on Tuesday, the 30th. This was especially exciting for me because I had been waiting to see her and her family for over a year. She cooked an enormous meal for us and some other friends that made it over for dinner. It was a meal for God’s! Not to mention the amazing conversation and the closeness we all felt. So much so that I was too enmeshed in the moment to do any actual interviews.

Once again it was a very early rise before sun up and on the road again. Our last long stretch of the trip. We drove through the Redwood forest in northern California only to be greeted by the Pacific Northwest rain upon entering Oregon. We made it to an actual RV park in Port Orford Oregon and were beyond excited to stay somewhere with FULL hookups. It definitely wasn’t anything to write home about, but hey, after living in an RV for over a week, and sleeping in parking lots and driveways, the little things counted.

We got up the next morning and hit the road. We had plans to meet some friends in Olympia for dinner and it would be our last long day of driving. And even though it was nearing winter and we were driving half the day on the Oregon coast and the other half through central Oregon and then into Washington, it was beautiful sunshine and towering pine trees. While it’s no California coast, it is beautiful in its own Pacific Northwest way.

We met our friends for dinner in Olympia and of course, another great meal, great conversation and tons of laughter.

After dinner, we had yet another night spent in a parking lot and our last before sunrise the next morning to hit the road. We had to have the RV to northern Seattle by 10 am that morning and then it would be on to our final stop of the tour. Our big ending to our big trip.

After dropping off the RV we headed straight to the Airbnb we would be spending the weekend at. See, I knew from the beginning of our trip, Seattle would be more than just the final destination. It would be something magical. We would be surrounded by not only our closest friends but some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. But more on that in part 2.

We stayed in an Airbnb in Seattle for 3 days with 12 other people. The weekend was beyond words and after 2 weeks of being surrounded by complete love and light and then ending it like that, Monday night was a complete culmination of all of it. We had 2 of our closest friends stay with us Monday night at a very strange Airbnb near Olympia, Wa. We had dinner once again with some other good friends that lived nearby in Yelm Washington. But it didn’t matter where we were…it just mattered we were together.

Which leads to part 2. Love…

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