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After attending many meditation retreats and doing endless amounts of “inner work” in the last four years, I feel it is my responsibility to share some of what I have discovered on this path of self discovery.

First off, I most definitely don’t have it all figured out yet. I don’t know that we ever do as long as we exist in this 3D plane. But I have seen the direct impacts of this spiritual work in my life and hopefully, with my sharing, can help at least one person who is in the middle of crossing the crazy, wild river we call life!

I gathered up what I thought were some definite lessons that have impacted me and my life the most in the last 4 years. So, here goes:

  1. That wild river of change that you are crossing? Yeah, it doesn’t end when you get to the other side. In fact, after a short reprieve on land, you have an even bigger river to cross! And then another and another. And each time the river gets wilder and crazier and every time you make it to the other side, it’s even more exhilarating, even more freeing. Healing is a lifetime. So have patience with yourself, understand there is no magic pill, and enjoy the freaking ride, as crazy as it can be!
  2. We didn’t come here to use mystical moments or out of body experiences as an escape from life. We came here to have those moments only add to our human experience and to remember who we truly are. When I first began this inner journey and after having my first huge awakening experience, I didn’t want to operate in the “3D”. I only wanted to stay in the 5D and not have to deal with any of the day to day nuances of being human. I was on a chase that wouldn’t end. And for 6 months it’s as if I was walking on a different plane all together. But that also meant I had a hard time functioning in the 3D world. It also meant in some ways I was using it as an escape from life. I had a meditation the other day where a voice said to me (in the most sweetest of voices I have ever heard!), “silly humans, you didn’t come here to escape life, you came here to fully embrace it!” Such a simple statement and yet so profound. I see so many people chasing the mystical, only to be using it as some form of their own escape. I can honestly tell you the best part about the mystical experiences I have now, only enhance my human experience further. At this point in my lifetimes, I am not a monk on a mountain side. And I don’t choose to be. I now can fully embrace my humanness and something as silly as playing cards lights up my whole body! I heard someone say recently (this is my new favorite!) that out of every 1000 souls, one gets to come experience being human. How lucky are we!!!! So realize, that while the mystical, crazy, whacky, heart opening experiences are A-MAZ-ING, so is playing cards😊 And you can have both!
  3. Don’t give your power away to anyone. That also includes whoever you may think is your guru. I say this because I can honestly say I was guilty of this for a long time when first coming into this work. I thought if I could just get near these spiritual teachers, or work for them, or gain their acceptance or approval, then somehow……well, I don’t even know what to be honest! And if it weren’t for a very big realization I had, this would have remained a very big blind spot for me. This can be subtle or it can be massive and it can be completely unconscious. But realize if you are in any part thinking any guru is going to save you or fix you or give you the right or wrong answer, you are still missing a very big part of this work. Which is taking your power back. I remember when I first starting reading spiritual books and meditating, it became a huge dividing line between my then husband and I, who didn’t want anything to do with any kind of woowoo stuff, let alone liked me doing it. I so desperately wanted someone to give me the answer to my problem. I thought, if I could just talk to someone more “enlightened” than me and ask this question, “what do I do about my crappy, non supportive husband?” then all will be solved! I’ll do exactly what he or she says and everything will be ok. I never got to ask that question, because the answer wasn’t in anyone else. It was within me. And I had to go on a very personal search to find it. And I did. And my life has never been the same since. So always take the teachings, not the person.
  4. The unknown will never let you down. Ever. Ever. EVER. Please, if you have the chance to leap, then leap. Do that thing that is burning inside your soul. See it in your mind, walk into with your eyes open. And leap. The universe will ALWAYS support you when you are stepping towards your highest calling. When you are giving your medicine to the world! Don’t think….just leap.
  5. Being new to a spiritual path isn’t a detriment, it’s an advantage. So use it to your advantage! You don’t have all the beliefs and ideas of what spirituality is supposed to look like. What a “pop” is or what energy movement feels like or what “enlightenment” looks like. Be the innocent, curious person you were as a child. And for those of you that have been studying this kind of work for 20, 30, 40, years, maybe it’s also time to let go of that identity and those beliefs and also become a curious, innocent child again:-) Forget that you think you “know” it all and be open to something new coming in.
  6. But more important than anything else, at the end of the very crazy days, it really is just love and oneness. That’s all there is. That is the only real truth. I’ve had enough experiences now to honestly tell you that the amount of love there is beyond what we can see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and smell, is beyond anything we can even comprehend. There is nothing to be afraid of. It is only just love.
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